Enjoy an excellent meal by combining beer and food

Nov 26, 2018

Till the time you find a meal on a table, you think of combining it with a beverage. Though with time menus have changed a lot, yet the hottest beverage remains craft beer. Craft beer is not only the favorite of the admirers of beer, but they have attracted many foodies all over the world. The idea to pair beer with food is a matter of great interest. Think of the beer just like the way you think of wine. Just like wine goes well with some food, so does the beer. Some of the food pairings with beer have become a massive hit with many people.

One of the best pairings is beer and burgers. Golden Ale has a balanced taste and easy to drink and therefore, it makes a good pairing with Mexican cuisine, brats apart from the burger. You can also try out some exotic flavors. A dark Red Ale beer has different styles and flavors, and therefore, it is an excellent choice when you work with tangy cheeses and spicy foods. Wit is a Belgian wheat beer that carries all the flavors of a great beer. People wished they discovered this beer a long time ago because this beer has lightness and it can be enjoyed with seafood, light soups, and vegetarian dishes.

Why pair beer and food?

Just like the way people choose wine with certain foods, the same principle applies to food and beer. Lighter beers increase lighter meals such as chicken, seafood, casseroles, salads, and pasta. Beer also complements the foods which are broiled, roasted, or barbecued. Even you can combine turkey and chicken once they are roasted. The heavy beer pairs best with the red meats. The rule of thumb that is followed in the case of beer pairing with food is lighter the beer, lighter the cooking. Heavier the beer, more roasted should be the food.

Beer and food make a great match due to the complexity of the flavors. There is a synergy between food and beer. Brewers are manufacturing a wide range of beers for meeting all kinds of food. Restaurateurs are also recognizing the versatility of combing craft beer with food. Pairing beer and food have some basic and essential concepts. For the starters, you have to match strength wise. The strong-flavored foods need assertive beers. If you are a lover of funky and sour beers, then you should try them out with root vegetables and rich meats like a grilled lamb.

Popularity of beer

In the year 2017, according to an estimate, $661 billion beer was sold worldwide. This figure says a lot about the popularity of this beverage. Among the beers, craft beer is on the rise. The biggest beer brands account for more than 50 percent of beer sales. One of the primary reasons for the popularity of beer is that the bars and restaurants are pairing beer with different types of food, and the most common and the popular pairing being beer and burger.

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Vital Significance of Funeral Catering Bloomington

Nov 25, 2018

When it comes to someone you love passing on to the next world, it’s expected that the guests who came to pay their respect for the deceased be given a glimpse of how their life was. Moreover, what better way to introduce the cuisine that the deceased enjoyed during their lifetime as something to bring memories back into the fold? Food does that. Food brings people together in the worst of times and that’s what Funeral Catering aims to achieve, especially in a city like Bloomington where everything is a community, sharing both happiness and sadness amongst each other.

Food that brings people together

In an occasion such as a funeral, shrouded in black, it’s important for the food to not only be compassionate and nostalgic, but it should also bring people together by pumping hope into the fold. That’s what Funeral Catering Bloomington is all about. There is a plethora of cuisines to choose from, a mix of themes and the ambiance to go along with the food can also be accommodated. Especially, for a funeral setup, the food should be warm enough for a family setting and mirror the cuisine the deceased preferred, to remind them of the time they used to share meals with the same.  From a buffet system to a-la-carte, the services are varied and depend on the choice of the client. Special dishes based on the theme are also suggested to the deceased’s family. Funeral catering also is not restricted to one religion but caters to any and therefore, cuisine also tends to ensure that forbidden items are not added. Snacks and drinks are also tended to for the guests to settle in while the deceased has been given a farewell blessing by a religious authority.

Relieving the burden of planning

Funeral Catering in a city like Bloomington takes into consideration that in the family’s hard times, planning for a funeral may come as a stretched requirement. Therefore, there are also pre-designed menus which can be taken into consideration, a simple, warm and emotional set of courses for the family and its invitees to slip into. The first course, main course and finally, the desserts are carefully thought out and cooked to bring out the flavours of home cooked food into the fray. The act of breaking bread and sharing drinks with one’s closest family creates a strong bong amongst the invitees and therefore, gives the deceased a happy farewell into the afterlife. The food course in funeral houses can be as follows –

  • Sandwich Buffet
  • Pasta Buffet
  • Entrée
  • And finally, Additional offering which involves meat.

The cost for the same is not high, in fact, quite affordable. It’s not a pain to the pocket as well. There are drinks suited with the kind of buffet opted for. A single offer generally tends to serve around 25 people hence, it’s optimum in a family-based funeral.

Funeral Catering Bloomington not only aims at bringing people together, but at making them stay together. Therefore, it’s important to take professional help when it comes to events like these.

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How Indian Restaurants Offer Buffet Spread With Balanced Sensory Experience?

Nov 24, 2018

In India, buffets are vital during dinner parties, social gatherings, and weddings. In Indian culture minimal 4 dishes are served for most basic meals. Unlike foreign countries, in India there is also no concept of asking whether the guest would prefer fish or chicken on RSVP cards.

Indian restaurant & Bar in the US serve buffet spread and the dishes are majorly from Punjab cuisine. Rice based recipes from South are rarely seen in a buffet party. In Indian buffet, it is not about how much food gets accommodated into a plate but guests are encouraged to enjoy multiple rounds. Appetizers are starters in foreign land but in Indian buffet you can eat them anytime. There is no such thing as desserts eating last or appetizers enjoyed at first. It may seem like an attack plan that goes like this –

  • Place flatbread of choice on top of rice and couple of curries.
  • Small bowls are always available to fill raita and desserts.
  • Here are spoons and forks but flatbread cannot be eaten with a fork.
  • Pieces of flatbread are torn and vegetables and curries are scooped with it.

Indian buffet offers balanced sensory experience

You can enjoy all kinds of flavors in the buffet menu including spicy, sour, crunchy, creamy, and sweet. Enjoy it with best company. At a typical buffet spread at the Indian restaurant you will see the following dishes –


  • Aachar – Spicy mixed pickles including vegetable and chilli or popular aam ka achar [mango pickle]
  • Chutney – Tamarand chutney [red chutney] has sweet sour taste. Green chutney incudes mint, cilantro, chilli, and lemon juice. These are eaten as dip for pakoras and samosas.
  • Raita – Just like a dip and is yogurt based including combination of raw veggies.
  • Salad – Combination of lemon wedges, onion, tomato, and cucumber.


  • Basmati rice – Cooked plain with tadka of ghee and jeera.
  • Naan – Flatbread baked in tandoor and brushed with plenty of ghee.
  • Roti & paratha – Both made from whole-meal flour. The former is baked or grilled, whereas the latter is layered and folded multiple times prior it is grilled.
  • Papad – Thin crispy papads are round and made from black gram flour. They are served either fried or roasted.

Meat curries

  • Chicken tikka masala – Creamy, thick, and saucy, which helps to soak rice
  • Tandoori chicken – Jawaharlal Nehru requested this dish to be served at the official banquets
  • Lamb korma – Incredibly spicy dish with roots in Goa

Dry curries

  • Aloo gobhi
  • Chana masala

Vegetable curries

  • Saag paneer
  • Malai kofta
  • Matar paneer
  • Daal makhni
  • Channa dal


  • Samosa
  • Pakoras or bhajiya


  • Gulab jamun
  • Kheer
  • Fruit salad


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Order All of Your Catering Supplies Online

Nov 11, 2018

There are very few things that you can’t buy on the Internet these days, and if you are in the catering business, you will be able to find everything you need in one convenient location. Online catering suppliers can supply everything from appliances and kitchen equipment to front of house supplies and clean-up tools, so there is nothing that you can’t have delivered to you. While you will be able to order equipment in any quantity and stock up on equipment, you can often have things delivered on the next day if you have an emergency.

The key is to find a trustworthy supplier who can guarantee quality product and reliable deliveries. After all, you rely on this equipment to run your business, but when you find a reputable online supplier, getting the supplies you need is easier than ever.

Comprehensive of Product

Ordering online means that you don’t have to go to the store constantly and search for equipment in a huge building. Rather, you can simply browse an easy-to-navigate website and add products to your list. You will be able to schedule a delivery for your online catering equipment and rest assured that you will get what you need on time. With the right supplier, you can find a comprehensive list of products that includes all of the following:

  • Glassware and crockery
  • Cleaning and hygiene
  • Appliances
  • Accommodation products
  • Disposable items
  • Commercial appliances

Whether you are starting a new business, replacing old equipment, or adding to your inventory, you will have no trouble finding exactly what you need. From perfecting guest experiences to cleaning up the venue after the event, you can make sure that you have everything that you need to be successful.

Glass or Disposable

Whether or not you choose glass or disposables might depend on the type of event, the number of people, or how you run your business in general. When you order online, however, it’s easy to get a mixture of both. Cups, cutlery, tableware, napkins, and more are all available as both disposables and as glassware or silverware.

If you regularly host different events for groups of all types, you can get an abundance of glassware and dishes that enable you to provide a high-quality experience for all of your guests.

Maximising Guest Experiences

The right supplies will help you maximise the experience for your guests. The more equipment that you have, the more you will be able to offer. For example, if you invest in new commercial cooking equipment, you can greatly increase your cooking capacity and meal selection. Additionally, making sure that your venue is stocked with tabletop supplies, food display equipment, and beverages machines, among other things, ensures that your guests have everything that they need for a satisfying experience.

With a reliable online supplier, you can get access to high-quality catering supplies, as well as consistent access to supplies that you order on a regular basis. You can trust that your orders will be delivered on time so that you never have to sacrifice quality of service to any customer.

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Eating out is fun

Nov 2, 2018

More than the meals, it is the feeling of oneness and togetherness that keeps you pulling to the restaurants. Whether you are in Singapore or any other place, you will always be lured to the newly opened restaurants to see what new they have to offer. You can find some of the best restaurants of the world in Singapore simply because the place is a big cosmopolitan catering to expats from all around the world.

DanielFoodDiary presents you the latest list of the newly opened restaurants in Singapore. Whether you are looking for authentic Japanese or Korean restaurants or simply want to try the local cuisines but at a new restaurant, you have all the information you need here.

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