Is the mini-buffet catering ideal for you?

Dec 31, 2018

Arranging small get-togethers is no longer a matter of worry. Even for a group of 20 or 30 persons, meals can be arranged easily. You just need to contact a restaurant and their mini buffer catering service will do the rest.

All quality restaurants, like our Rasa Rasa catering, Singapore, have special arrangements for mini buffet catering for small groups.

We have created special customized menus for mini buffet catering.  We offer you the most delicious Asian, Chinese and Continental cuisines of vegetarian and non-vegetarian, dishes with halal options, for our valued customers.

The highlights of our professional mini buffet catering services include healthier choice menus for health cautious customers.

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Ideas To Save On Restaurant Bills!

Dec 26, 2018

The modern day lifestyle has it that we most like to spend on items like shopping, dining out, travel and entertainment. The increasing trends paired with the digital exposure bring us to no end but spending a lot on the restaurant bills, movie tickets etc.

And if you are having a tough time managing your finances, the idea is to use these digital mediums only to bring down your expenses significantly. So be it the bills at restaurant & Sioux Falls or movie day out we tell you exactly how to cut down on costs.

Take those online offers

Yes we agree that you have always fancied on having personal experiences before buying something. But the increase of the digital trend has brought so many offers along that it is impossible to neglect. There are routine discounts, and short period sale going on for restaurants, apparels and travel options to make the most of your money and grab amazing deals. Take those offers to save some money!

Swipe the card!

Most of the restaurants have partnered with the banks today to extend offers to the customers. This helps the customers get additional discounts when they swipe cards at restaurant & Sioux Falls. A straight cut is made on the bill amount to bring instant discounts. Instead of paying for cash, choose to find out if there are any banking partners where your card could earn discounts. You can get almost 10-20% of reduction in bills.

Shop online for maximum discounts

Online shopping has become popular not just for the convenience but also due to its amazing discount deals. Through some apps people can look into the offers provided by the restaurants, cafes and pubs on special days. You can book a table at these restaurants online to get a lot of discounts including offers like “Buy 1 Get 1”, “Complimentary drinks”, “All inclusive packages for less”.

Plan your expenses as per sale periods!

Each year there are at least two seasonal carnivals running where almost every dine-in place, shopping plaza and entertainment areas go on heavy discounts. Restaurant & Sioux Falls, pubs, brands etc all go on a sale. You get chance to order in food at half the prices or sometimes get a whooping discount on some restaurants!

Saving on the restaurant bills is just a smart use of apps and offers apart! It just needs locating the right offers for the right restaurants to slash down almost up to 30% of your restaurant bills!

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