Tasty Brews, Craft Beer & Healthy Drinking

Jan 29, 2019

In a country where every day, approximately two new small breweries come up on the market, brewers need to think something out of the box. The heightening desires of the drinkers have led the breweries to bring a diversification where the beer can be presented beyond the general level. Usually, when people think about their favorite beer, it includes the perfect foam, good quality, and refreshing taste. Depending on the brand of beer it may even include some healthy properties like vitamin B, B6 and B12. These are good for heart and also prevent osteoporosis and kidney stones. Keeping the quality and taste in mind, craft beer is the new innovation in the brewing industry.

What is craft beer?

It is a bit difficult when it comes to defining craft beer. This is because quality of the beer is very subjective and depends on personal experience. Recently, almost 98 percent of the brewing industry in US is congregated with craft beer. Whether you want to taste or know more about craft beer, you’ve landed on the most appropriate page that provides the best resources and information. The industry of American craft brewery is small. More or less, it produces 6 million barrels every year and the production are attributed to a specific brewer as per the standards of proprietorship altering. A craft brewery in US is owned and controlled by various beverage alcohol industry members who are not themselves a craft brewer. Some of the best quality of craft beer can be available at growler shop in Lewisville.

What are the health benefits of craft beer?

As per the growing and emerging research, it confirms that craft beer has several health benefits with moderate consumption. It can be a part of your healthy diet and the best part is USDA         Dietary Guidelines mention the exceptional health benefits of alcoholic beverages. Some of the greatest health benefits are:

  • Decreased risk of obesity in women over moderate consumption
  • Decreased hypertension
  • Decreased risk of cardiovascular disease among men (especially who have undergone bypass surgery), women, and drinkers with type II diabetes.
  • Craft beer is rich in silicon that is responsible for increasing bone density and preventing osteoporosis.
  • A decreased threat of heart failure
  • Prevent arthritic conditions and many.

Important factors before choosing craft bee

The Brewers Association has launched a seal to signify independent brewers. It was launched in summer 2017. The design of the seal shows an upside beer bottle that indicates how craft beer has turned the market on its head. Remember, craft brewers in US often face a lot so challenges including, cost of raw materials, access to market and conducting safe and secured operation in a highly regulated and taxed industry. Considering this, you can always choose to defend the art of craft beer through various supporting networks and organizations available nowadays. Growler bar in Lewisville can provide you with the best quality and unique brews through a never-ending rotation of taps.

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Emerging trends of the restaurants in 2019!

Jan 16, 2019

The face of restaurants is changing with each emerging year. From a time when the spaces used to be filled with just the necessary sitting options and good food to a time where interiors, pleasant displays, food styling etc holds too much importance – the idea of restaurants have evolved.

And no matter what food a restaurant serves – if it isn’t appealing on the social media – well it isn’t appealing at all! In this race, restaurants come out with all their creative ways to make their businesses work!

Social media friendliness

A presentation of restaurant is very much made to please the crowd on Instagram today. The entrepreneurs try to bring in creative wings to design the restaurants that can offer something new for people to connect to. And if the restaurant appears to be Instagram worthy – it works! People love to sit in a fancy restaurant that is decked up with new designs and colors. The restaurants that can offer more pictures to click are often the most visited ones in today’s time!

The casual dining experience

Gone are the days when having fine dining experience or self-service style restaurants were only the big hits. Today people need a certain sense of comfort while sitting in a restaurant and that includes the idea of the food being served in cozy spaces and comfortable zones. The casual dining experience is where there are no rules for the diners but a certain sense of warmth exists for the customers to enjoy!

Food that is styled!

Unlike the traditional time, today food doesn’t speak for itself. It is in fact made to speak by way of designing and styling. The food cooked cannot be just served into plates to be appealing by taste and smell. The food needs to look edible and binge worthy, clickable and a piece of art for the people to really like it. Like the décor of the space, food needs styling too!

Innovative food flavors

Creamy sauces, smoked flavors and innovative spice – these are the delicacies that have been emerging in the past few months. Jarry smoked meat is one of the innovative dishes here to mention s the subtleness of the flavors combine with an exclusive taste which is hard to beat. And therefore the restaurants that are able to craft a uniqueness in their plates – they well are into business!

Restaurants have changed from a place of just food to a place of time, art and experience. The new trends just keep pulling it a level up!

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Enjoy Your Best Time on the Riverfront at Las Olas Restaurants

Jan 8, 2019

Las Olas Boulevard is the forefront of everything. It has art galleries fashion boutiques and, to memorable restaurants, bars and sidewalk cafes to set each evening the stage for South Florida’s most authentic, architecturally unique, and eclectic dining and shopping district.

Getting to Las Olas

Las Olas connects with A1A Downtown Fort Lauderdale and the Fort Lauderdale Beach / Atlantic Ocean. The easiest route is to take to Broward Boulevard and to start traveling east. You may turn right to reach Andrews Avenue and reach left onto E. Las Olas Boulevard.

Las Olas Boulevard RestaurantsShopping & Things to Do

Las Olas restaurants located in the Fort Lauderdale heart has Florida at the front. People can stroll the boulevard, and enjoy the cool breezeways, or be delighted on that you discover. The Las Olas stretches at A1A from the beach and it is lined with palm trees. Now the Intracoastal Waterway offers magnificent views of spectacular yachts and million dollar homes.

Las Olas Riverfront Restaurants

If you wish to spend some great time in Las Olas restaurants in the riverfront, you ma consider a lunch or dinner. There are a few on the water providing beautiful views, a delicious cuisine, and a relaxing atmosphere. All you have to do is relax, sit back, and enjoy the vacation offering s scrumptious meal at these Las Olas restaurants.

Las Olas has lots of things to do, and this includes activities and attractions. To name a few of the Las Olas Restaurants are:

The Pirate Republic

This is a lively riverfront locale prominent as the Las Olas restaurants in the riverfront. It is famous for happy hour, live music, and Caribbean-Mediterranean flavors. This restaurant is rated to be the best waterfront eateries in South Florida. You can enjoy seafood plates in variety and you can have specialty drinks in this hangout.

The Chimney House

This place is also a fascinating option serving wine and Pan-Latin fusion dishes. It provides grill and care, besides pre-theater discounts. The Chimney House is not on the water, but features casual sandwiches, delectable tapas, and main seafood dishes.


This is a perfect neighborhood relaxed public house that offers craft beer, comfort food, and cocktails of all favorites at gastro pub and burger bar. It offers a 1920 style prohibition par and you can get to enjoy gourmet burgers and almost 18 signatures to create an own option.

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