Till the time you find a meal on a table, you think of combining it with a beverage. Though with time menus have changed a lot, yet the hottest beverage remains craft beer. Craft beer is not only the favorite of the admirers of beer, but they have attracted many foodies all over the world. The idea to pair beer with food is a matter of great interest. Think of the beer just like the way you think of wine. Just like wine goes well with some food, so does the beer. Some of the food pairings with beer have become a massive hit with many people.

One of the best pairings is beer and burgers. Golden Ale has a balanced taste and easy to drink and therefore, it makes a good pairing with Mexican cuisine, brats apart from the burger. You can also try out some exotic flavors. A dark Red Ale beer has different styles and flavors, and therefore, it is an excellent choice when you work with tangy cheeses and spicy foods. Wit is a Belgian wheat beer that carries all the flavors of a great beer. People wished they discovered this beer a long time ago because this beer has lightness and it can be enjoyed with seafood, light soups, and vegetarian dishes.

Why pair beer and food?

Just like the way people choose wine with certain foods, the same principle applies to food and beer. Lighter beers increase lighter meals such as chicken, seafood, casseroles, salads, and pasta. Beer also complements the foods which are broiled, roasted, or barbecued. Even you can combine turkey and chicken once they are roasted. The heavy beer pairs best with the red meats. The rule of thumb that is followed in the case of beer pairing with food is lighter the beer, lighter the cooking. Heavier the beer, more roasted should be the food.

Beer and food make a great match due to the complexity of the flavors. There is a synergy between food and beer. Brewers are manufacturing a wide range of beers for meeting all kinds of food. Restaurateurs are also recognizing the versatility of combing craft beer with food. Pairing beer and food have some basic and essential concepts. For the starters, you have to match strength wise. The strong-flavored foods need assertive beers. If you are a lover of funky and sour beers, then you should try them out with root vegetables and rich meats like a grilled lamb.

Popularity of beer

In the year 2017, according to an estimate, $661 billion beer was sold worldwide. This figure says a lot about the popularity of this beverage. Among the beers, craft beer is on the rise. The biggest beer brands account for more than 50 percent of beer sales. One of the primary reasons for the popularity of beer is that the bars and restaurants are pairing beer with different types of food, and the most common and the popular pairing being beer and burger.

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