In India, buffets are vital during dinner parties, social gatherings, and weddings. In Indian culture minimal 4 dishes are served for most basic meals. Unlike foreign countries, in India there is also no concept of asking whether the guest would prefer fish or chicken on RSVP cards.

Indian restaurant & Bar in the US serve buffet spread and the dishes are majorly from Punjab cuisine. Rice based recipes from South are rarely seen in a buffet party. In Indian buffet, it is not about how much food gets accommodated into a plate but guests are encouraged to enjoy multiple rounds. Appetizers are starters in foreign land but in Indian buffet you can eat them anytime. There is no such thing as desserts eating last or appetizers enjoyed at first. It may seem like an attack plan that goes like this –

  • Place flatbread of choice on top of rice and couple of curries.
  • Small bowls are always available to fill raita and desserts.
  • Here are spoons and forks but flatbread cannot be eaten with a fork.
  • Pieces of flatbread are torn and vegetables and curries are scooped with it.

Indian buffet offers balanced sensory experience

You can enjoy all kinds of flavors in the buffet menu including spicy, sour, crunchy, creamy, and sweet. Enjoy it with best company. At a typical buffet spread at the Indian restaurant you will see the following dishes –


  • Aachar – Spicy mixed pickles including vegetable and chilli or popular aam ka achar [mango pickle]
  • Chutney – Tamarand chutney [red chutney] has sweet sour taste. Green chutney incudes mint, cilantro, chilli, and lemon juice. These are eaten as dip for pakoras and samosas.
  • Raita – Just like a dip and is yogurt based including combination of raw veggies.
  • Salad – Combination of lemon wedges, onion, tomato, and cucumber.


  • Basmati rice – Cooked plain with tadka of ghee and jeera.
  • Naan – Flatbread baked in tandoor and brushed with plenty of ghee.
  • Roti & paratha – Both made from whole-meal flour. The former is baked or grilled, whereas the latter is layered and folded multiple times prior it is grilled.
  • Papad – Thin crispy papads are round and made from black gram flour. They are served either fried or roasted.

Meat curries

  • Chicken tikka masala – Creamy, thick, and saucy, which helps to soak rice
  • Tandoori chicken – Jawaharlal Nehru requested this dish to be served at the official banquets
  • Lamb korma – Incredibly spicy dish with roots in Goa

Dry curries

  • Aloo gobhi
  • Chana masala

Vegetable curries

  • Saag paneer
  • Malai kofta
  • Matar paneer
  • Daal makhni
  • Channa dal


  • Samosa
  • Pakoras or bhajiya


  • Gulab jamun
  • Kheer
  • Fruit salad


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