Whole duck is found easily than the duck parts. It is simple to roast in the oven a whole duck or even on a slow cooker. In fact, you can break it or use it for a week for several meals. Remove the duck breasts for a weeknight or enjoy a weekend confit with its legs, while you can prepare a savory soup stock with the giblets and carcass. You can get creative as you wish, but ensure you get the best ducks from origin source such as Canards du Lac Brome and enjoy the endless possibilities.

Canards Brome is since 1912 and is specialized in Peking duck farming. It is the best quality and buying directly from his boutique or farm ensures of high-quality duckling. If you are buying for the first time consider their weekend’s free tastings from 12pm to 4 pm and discover free recipes as a wide selection. You can also seek advice and clear your doubts.

Many home cooks are not comfortable with duck breast cooking and this is because they try cooking it like chicken. Bear in mind that not all poultry is the same and especially duck is completely different. The duck breast is a dark meat, that is rich and a thick fat slab. When it is attempted to cook as any chicken breast, the meat of the duck becomes chewy and dry, in fact it appears as a rubber piece. On the other hand, if cooked properly, the duck breast is luxurious, juicy and the best.

Cooking Tips

Basically, buying a good quality duck is the first step to good cooking. The next is to remove the skin. The duck meat without skin also has fat in fair amount around 6 grams and with each serving the saturated fat is 2.3 grams.

You can consider keeping your duck really lean by cooking it skinless, it is possible. If you notice any fat, avoid adding oil in the process of cooking, so that the visible fat does not increase.

Serve with healthful sides your duck. A mixture of roasted beets and braised kale or roasted carrots a medley and parsnips complementing the distinct duck flavor.

The final word is that you must cook the duck thoroughly such that it reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit internal temperature so that food borne illness are away, while you enjoy the taste of the duckling and its breast.

Hunter Evan

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